Jogging Partner for Android(v1.71) is Google Play now

Jogging Partner for Android(v1.71) was released.


Following modification in this release.

- Improvement of display of current location.


Sorry for causing inconvenience.

Thank you in the future.



Jogging Partner for Android(v1.7) is Google Play now

Jogging Partner for Android(v1.7) was released.


Following bugs were fixed in this release.

- Current location is not displayed.

- Failed to backup to/restore from SD card on some devices.


Sorry for causing inconvenience.

Thank you in the future.



About defect of Jogging Partner for iPhone

About Jogging Partner for iPhone(v1.01), I confirmed the following trouble.



The application ends when starting workout.



Because it was necessary to describe purpose of using iPhone's pedometer for iPhone's security.


[Current Status]

I am preparing to submit v1.02 which fixed the defect now(2017/2/28)


I'm sorry for inconvenience.


RESUME PUBLISHING : Interval Capture

Interval Capture's publishing was stopped, but due to bug fixes we will resume publishing.


The reason for the defect was due to an inconsistency between the version of the updated Google Play developer service and the version of the library for Google Play services used by the app.


STOP PUBLISHING : Interval Capture

I have stopped publishing Interval Capture, which had been on the Google Play store, for the following reasons.


- When choosing a Google Account, Google Development Services returned an error, and the application has ended.


I'm currently investigating the cause.


I'm sorry for causing you trouble.


[Additional notes]

Re-publication is scheduled for early January 2017.


The site was renewed.

I changed this site from WordPress base to normal HTML-base.

And created the English page