Interval Capture

Version: v1.06(for Android)

Price: (Please confirm on Goole play store or iTunes store)

Android version
150 yen


Advertisement: None


Detail of this App:

"Interval Capture" captures image by camera, and upload captured image to Google Drive(TM) at the specified interval.
So you can check the images by using PC or smart phone on the go.(*1)
You can use this app, if there is unused smart phone and WiFi(*2).

Let's check a thing to be worried about on the go.

For example...
- Locking check the entrance door
- Watch pets in the room.
- Progress of download of large size file.

- Camera Settings
- Switch camera(*3)
- Capture size(*3)
- Zoom magnification(*3)
- Flash mode(*3)
- Shutter sound(*4)

- Upload Settings
- Interval time of capture
- Subfolder name on Drive(*5)
- Days of Keep on Drive(*6)

- Other settings
- Stop condition
- Battery level
- Time from start capture
- Time zone to capture

*1) Please use browser or Google Drive(TM) app.
*2) This app is available only when the WiFi connection, because there is a case in which the amount of communication increases.
*3) The settings will depend on the camera which is mounted on a smartphone.
*4) On some models, the shutter sound will be heard even if you set shutter sound to OFF.
*5) The path which the image is saved on Google Drive(TM) is "My Drive / IntervalCapture / RoomX".
*6) During capture execution the old image will be erased automatically. If there is an image that you want to leave, please move to the other.



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