Jogging Partner

Version: v1.72(for Androi), v1.03(for iPhone)

Price: (Please confirm on Goole play store or iTunes store)

Android version iPhone version
150 yen $0.99


Advertisement: None


Detail of this App:

Jogging partner notifies distance , speed, direction, number of steps and so on at the time of your workout ( walking, jogging or running) to you on the screen and voice.


And Save the movement track data into the terminal, you can check the movement track in the animation later.


Limitation of iPhone version:

(1) Some of the GPS status information (number of satellites, azimuth and elevation, or are used to position specific) are not displayed.

(2) Following function is not implemented.

Backup to SD card and restore from SD card.(Please use the backup feature of iCloud)



Please refer followings:

Android version /iPhone version