Sliding Puzzle

Version: v1.04(for Android/iPhone)


Price: Free


Advertisement: Yes (banner advertisement at the top of the screen)



App overview:

This is one of classic puzzles.

This is a puzzle that arranges the pieces with numbers written in pieces in order.


App detail:

There are three types of stages that you can play:


- 8 puzzle (3 x 3)

- 15 puzzle (4 x 4)

- 24 puzzle (5 x 5)


About the game clear time, five records of your own will be saved. And everyone's best 5 is recorded on server.


Please play to kill time in your spare time and for the head gym!


Release history:

v1.03 : 2018/1/23(for iPhone), 2018/2/11(for Android)

__Bug Fix: Failure of launsh app on iPhone.(Update AdMob SDK)


v1.02 : 2016/12/21

__Bug fix : modification of display timing at retry game.


v1.01 : 2016/12/08

__First release.